Spencer Benson

Dr. Benson is the founder and Director of Educational Innovations International Consulting, LLC after retiring from the University of Macau as the Director for the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement. He is the former Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Maryland where he also was a faculty member in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics for 25 years. Spencer has worked in international faculty development for more that 15 yrs. When not engaged in work related activities, Spencer continues to travel and hopes to reach his personal goal of having visited at least 100 countries in the next few years.

How Can We Foster Motivation for Learning?


One of the most common questions that faculty ask is “How can I motivate my students to learn?” Motivation is a psychological state that serves to activate and sustain behaviors that lead to a desired

goal. It is a complex human characteristic that is affected by external andinternal factors which in turn are influenced by cultural and situational components. In thissession we will look at various types of motivation and some of the factors that can foster orquell students’ motivation to learn. We will discuss whether certain pedagogical approachescan foster motivation to learn beyond the motivation that that is linked to grades. Finally, wewill grapple with the question of responsibility, to what degree are teachers responsible formotivating student learning? Individuals are encouraged to come with questions, ideas, andapproaches which affect student motivation in positive or negative ways.

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